Wyse Kadish Now Offers Online Family Law Mediation

With civil courts temporarily unavailable to resolve family law issues, except in rare circumstances like urgent domestic violence matters, people should consider using other tools to solve problems.  Wyse Kadish understands this challenge and is prepared to assist.  Our firm is experienced using Zoom video communications for mediation. 
Please click here to learn more about Zoom https://zoom.us/
While COVID-19 may have highlighted the need for online dispute resolution, we believe online mediation ought to be a tool people consider even when in person sessions are available. Mediation can also be done by phone and even sometimes by text and chat. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about mediating family law issues. 
Email dib@wysekadish.com or david@mediate.com

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In Memoriam



We are saddened to share the loss of our friend and colleague Flory Laney. Flory passed away on Saturday, August 7th, 2021. Flory was an integral and much-loved member of the Wyse Kadish family for over 35 years. She will be dearly missed by everyone at Wyse Kadish.