At Wyse Kadish, we help our clients address disputes by providing exceptional prosecution or defense for complex legal matters. For every engagement, we listen carefully, assess the matter, and help our clients weigh the options. In addition to trying cases in the courtroom, we have extensive experience guiding clients through negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. Over the past two decades, we have successfully handled litigation in a broad variety of areas, including business and contract disputes, employment claims, injury and damage claims, construction defect cases, and will and trusts contests.
The following describes the general areas of our litigation/dispute resolution practice:

General Civil Litigation

We represent businesses and individuals in the defense, and prosecution, of a wide variety of civil claims. These include claims for personal injury, property damage, contract disputes, negligence, claims for intentional wrongdoing, the defense of insured claims, and a wide variety of other claims that result in litigation in court or in arbitration.

Business Litigation

We represent businesses and individuals in many types of business matters. These include disagreements over contracts; stock and other securities; non-competition agreements; business wrongs, such as unfair competition; unlawful trade practices; interference with business relations; disputes between shareholders; and dissolution of the business.

Commercial Law

We represent clients in commercial disputes such as disagreements over the sale of goods, creditor’s and debtor’s rights.

Employment Law

We represent employers and employees in resolving employment issues and claims; wage and hour issues; restrictive covenants; draft employee handbooks; and discrimination claims.


We represent franchisors and franchisees in disagreements that may arise in the franchise relationship.  Many of these are resolved through private arbitration and mediation.

Complex Litigation

We represent businesses and individuals in complex litigation, which may involve multiple parties; complex business matters and arrangements; disputes between manufacturers and distributors, or distributors and dealers, over the supply and distribution of goods and services; trade regulations; the purchase or sale of stock and other securities; and claims involving members of the board of directors of businesses.

Construction Law

We represent architects, contractors, and other clients in matters involving real estate development.  This includes issues over design; construction; obtaining payment for services our clients provide, including filing and foreclosure of construction liens; as well as claims for services.

Trusts and Estates

We represent clients, including trustees, beneficiaries, personal representatives of estates, and heirs of estates in matters involving disputes over the interpretation, administration, and rights under trusts and wills.

Real Estate

We represent clients in disputes over real estate; the development of real estate; ownership disputes; trespass; enforcement of claims to and against owners of real property; foreclosure of security interest in real estate; and real estate loans, including mortgages and trust deeds.

Neighborhood Associations

We represent a number of neighborhood associations in connection with the implementation and enforcement of the covenants, conditions and restrictions applicable to their neighborhoods.  We also assist developers and neighborhood associations in preparing conditions, covenants and restrictions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A number of our attorneys also serve as arbitrators and mediators through the court systems, or through private arrangements.

Attorneys who practice Litigation: Bruce Orr, Patrick T. Foran, Noam Amir-Brownstein