Our Commitment to Action

Wyse Kadish supports the Black Lives Matter movement.
We recognize the role the law plays in creating and perpetuating systems of anti-Black racism. As attorneys, we have a heightened duty to address racial injustice, and work towards reforming racist systems, policies, and actions that oppress Black communities.
Wyse Kadish has a history of community involvement and hiring attorneys who are change makers. In the coming months, we are committed to taking action, both as a firm and through our attorneys, to advocate against inequality, injustice, and a denial of fair opportunity to Black communities.
We will continue to support access to justice through financial support, pro bono work, and our attorneys’ board involvement with organizations such as the Campaign for Equal Justice, St Andrew Legal Clinic, the Lewis and Clark Small Business Legal Clinic, and Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.
Wyse Kadish is seeking out education, evaluating internal firm practices, contributing pro bono attorney hours, and committing financial resources in order to unite against racism and bias within our organization and in our community.
Our community has a lot of work to do to end racial injustice, and we commit to supporting that work.

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