Meagan Robbins’ group, Clear Transitions PDX, joins forces with Family Forward Oregon

RobbinsClear Transitions PDX, a group that our family law attorney Meagan Robbins co-founded in 2013, has a new partner! Clear Transitions is now partnering with Family Forward Oregon, a nonprofit whose mission is to create a family-forward Oregon where all families can be economically secure and have the time it takes to care for a family. The missions of the two organizations are closely aligned and both are so excited about the new partnership.
Clear Transitions PDX offers workshops for women experiencing separation or divorce, to provide them with information about the process, resources for free and low-cost legal services, financial services, support groups for adults and children, and literature to help families confront and manage the separation process. They include four hours of information and support presented by an attorney, a mediator, a financial advisor and a mental health counselor. Clear Transitions workshops are on the third Saturday of every month at Hatch on NE Sandy Blvd. in Portland. Click here for more information or visit

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