David Bean Grows His Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Practices.

David has enjoyed and been successful with assisting parties, both represented and unrepresented, in resolving their family law issues without the need for litigation.
Now more than 15 years into his family law practice, other attorneys are increasingly referring potential mediation clients to David.
Collaborative Divorce is a newer method of appropriate dispute resolution. It occurs when parties agree they will not litigate their divorce with the collaborative attorneys they retain. From there, it can take many shapes and forms; but the goal is to resolve cases cooperatively and with transparency and to avoid court. Click here for additional information:  http://www.collaborativepracticeoregon.org/collaborativelaw.php  David has participated in a number of Collaborative Divorce trainings and has enjoyed expanding that area of his practice. Other collaboratively trained professionals have added David to the list of highly qualified practitioners they refer potential clients to.
David’s traditional family law practice continues to grow and thrive. Because traditional litigation is just one way to address problems, it is important that potential clients are aware of the various ways to effectively address family law issues.  Find out more about David and how to contact our office here!

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