Support Staff

Find listed below the support staff of Wyse Kadish.

Christy M.

Christy has been a paralegal for nearly 20 years, with a focus in the area of Trusts and Estates (estate planning, probate, and trust administration), and is a member of the Oregon Paralegal Association. Christy is a Portland native and attended Portland schools, including the paralegal program at Portland Community College. Outside of the […]

Courtney P.

Legal Assistant

Courtney joined the Wyse Kadish team as a legal assistant in December of 2020. She assists the family law team including attorneys David Bean, Meagan Robbins, and Maxine Tuan.

Dana G.

Legal Assistant
Dana joined the firm in September of 2012 and is a legal assistant to Michele Buck-Romero in the area of estate planning and administration. Dana has been working in the legal field for over 35 years. Dana grew up in Scappoose, Oregon. She attended the legal assistant program at Portland Community College and […]

Dennis W.

Dennis has been a paralegal since 1993 and joined our firm in 1996. He obtained a certificate of legal assistant studies from the College of Legal Arts in Portland in 1993. Dennis assists Wyse Kadish attorneys in all areas of litigation, including complex litigation, collections and domestic relations. Dennis also has a specific focus […]

Elaine H.

Elaine has been providing support to attorneys on collection matters for over 20 years and has assisted in the collection of millions of dollars of unpaid assessments. She is an expert in working with clients, community managers, lenders, and title companies and has co-taught collection practices for boards of directors, community association managers, and community […]

Elaine K.

Elaine has 35 years of experience in the legal field and has been a paralegal to Amy Bilyeu in the area of estate and trust administration for over 15 years. Elaine grew up in both Iowa and Oregon. She has an Associate’s degree in Agricultural Banking and Finance from Western Iowa Tech and a […]

Jeanie B.

Legal Assistant

Jeanie joined the firm in August 2017 as a legal assistant to our family law department, working closely with David Bean, Meagan Robbins, and Maxine Tuan. Jeanie grew up in Portland and graduated from the University of Oregon. She lived in Europe for nine years, but has since returned home. Jeanie […]

Kathy B.

Legal Assistant 
Kathy has over 20 years of experience in the legal field and assists Patrick Foran with litigation, collections, and homeowner association matters. She grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon, and lives next door to her childhood home.  When not working, Kathy enjoys working out, attending her daughter’s volleyball tournaments, and spending time with her […]

Kyle H.

Kyle has worked on behalf of community associations since 2017. Kyle supports attorneys in collection and litigation matters. Kyle holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and began his career in pharmacology. Kyle’s research skills, eye for detail, and extensive training in assessment collection, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and innovative collection techniques have helped […]

Lizet P.

Legal Assistant
Lizet joined the firm in July 2018 with Cavanaugh Levy Bilyeu LLP with over six years experience in the legal field. She is the legal assistant to Kori Walton and Kit Taylor in the estate planning and administration department. Lizet began her legal career as a legal assistant in the field of immigration […]

Lucy G.

Intake Specialist
Lucy works primarily as an intake specialist to David Bean, Meagan Robbins, and Maxine Tuan, in the area of family law. She has been working with Wyse Kadish since 2014. Lucy came to Oregon from California where she worked for 20 years as a paralegal in the field of mediation and family law […]

Mindy A.

Probate Assistant
Mindy joined the firm in March 2019 and is a recent graduate of the paralegal program at Portland Community College. Outside of work she volunteers advocating for tenant’s rights. In her spare time she likes to do archery, cook, and spend time with her cat who she lovingly named Potato.

Polly L.

Legal Assistant
Polly comes to us  with Cavanaugh Levy Bilyeu LLP with 15 years of experience a legal assistant. Polly is the legal assistant to Amy Bilyeu. Polly grew up in England and moved to California in 7th grade.  After graduating from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development in 1998, Polly […]

Poppy N.

Legal Assistant
Poppy joined the firm in November of 2021 and is the legal assistant to Michael Licurse and Anne Koch. Poppy received her Associate degree in Paralegal Studies from Clark College in 2011. When not working Poppy enjoys brunching with friends and writing.

Trisa K.

Trisa joined Wyse Kadish in 2017. She is the firm’s bookkeeper and communicates often with the firm’s numerous clients. Any and all comments, questions, and issues regarding bill payments can be directed to her.